Barrett Martin is an American drummer, composer, producer, and writer who has performed around the world with several rock and jazz groups since the alternative music explosion of the early 1990's. Some of those bands included Skin Yard, Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Tuatara, REM, and Walking Papers. He has also been a session musician on over 75 albums to date, including numerous film and television soundtracks.Over the years, he has collaborated with several renowned musicians and poets including guitarist Mike McCready, guitarist Peter Buck, singer Layne Staley, Delta Blues legend CeDell Davis, Iraqi master musician Rahim Alhaj, African Griot Foday Musa Suso, the poet Coleman Barks, and Native American musician and poet Joy Harjo.

A short synopsis of his musical studies around the world include study with Garifuna drummers in Belize, Wolof drummers in Senegal, Ewe drummers in Ghana, Santeria drummers in Cuba, Candomble drummers in Brazil, the singing Shipibo Shamans of the Peruvian Amazon, Delta Blues musicians, Arabic musicians, Native American musicians, and various recording projects around the world. Over the course of his 25 year career, his work has been featured on NPR's "All Songs Considered", The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Spin, Classic Rock, Mojo, Uncut, and numerous other international magazines, newspapers, and websites.

In 2001, Barrett started the indie record label, Sunyata Records, to release new music from around the world. In 2009, the PBS short documentary on Barrett's drumming and Zen practice titled, "Zen and the Art of Percussion", won an Emmy in the New Media Arts category. In 2010, he was appointed adjunct professor in the Liberal Arts Department at Antioch University Seattle, the famed liberal arts institution. When he is not on tour, he teaches classes on music and cultural expression. He has recently started writing a blog for the Huffington Post.



(*) Indicates albums produced or co-produced

2014 VAUDEVILLE ETIQUETTE - "Debutantes & Dealers" (Sunyata Records)*


2013 MARK LANEGAN - "Imitations" (Vagrant Records)


2012 WALKING PAPERS - "Walking Papers" (Sunyata Records)*


2012 BARRETT MARTIN GROUP - "Artifact" (Sunyata Records)*


2011 SCREAMING TREES - "Last Words: The Final Recordings" (Sunyata Records)*


2011 BARRETT MARTIN GROUP - "Atlas" (Sunyata Records)*


2010 RUSTY WILLOUGHBY - "CoBirds Unite" (Local 638)


2009 UNDER THE ROSE - "Under The Rose" (UR Records)


2009 BARRETT MARTIN - "Zenga" (Sunyata Records)*


2009 TUATARA & COLEMAN BARKS - "The Here And The Gone" (Sunyata Records)*


2008 DAVE CARTER - "Commitment And Change" (Sunyata Records)*


2007 TUATARA - "East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon" (Sunyata Records)*


2006 SHIPIBO SHAMANS - "Woven Songs Of The Amazon" (Sunyata Records)*


2006 BARRETT MARTIN - "Earthspeaker" (Sunyata Records)*


2006 BOLA ABIMBOLA - "Ara Kenge" (Sunyata Records)*


2005 JACK ENDINO - "Permanent Fatal Error" (Wondertaker)


2004 ROGER GREENAWAY - "Wayt" (New Zealand)


2004 BARRETT MARTIN - "The Painted Desert" (Sunyata Records)*


2003 TUATARA - "The Loading Program" (Sunyata Records)*


2003 NANDO REIS - "A Letra A" (Universal)


2003 NERO - "Confession #1" (Ireland)*


2002 CEDELL DAVIS - "When Lightning Struck The Pine" (Sunyata Records)*


2002 TUATARA - "Cinemathique" (Sunyata Records)*


2001 NANDO REIS - "Infernal" (Warner Bros.)


2001 QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "Rated R" (Interscope)


2001 THE MINUS 5 - "Let The War Against Music Begin" (Mammoth)


2001 THERAPY? - "Shameless" (Ark 21)


2000 NANDO REIS - "Para Quando O Arco" (Warner Bros.)


2000 THE MINUS 5 - "In Rock" (Book Records)


2000 VICTORIA WILLIAMS - "Water To Drink" (Atlantic)


2000 MARK OLSON - "My Own Jo Ellen" (Self Released)


2000 THE TWILIGHT SINGERS - "As Played By The Twilight Singers" (Columbia)


1999 MARK LANEGAN - "I'll Take Care Of You" (Sub Pop)


1999 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - "No. 4" (Atlantic)


1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS - "More Oar" (Birdman)


1998 REM - "Up" (Warner Bros.)


1998 TUATARA - "Trading With The Enemy" (Epic)*


1997 LUNA - "Pup Tent" (Elektra)


1997 THE MINUS 5 - "The Lonesome Death Of Buck McCoy" (Hollywood)


1997 MARK EITZEL - "West" (Warner Bros.)


1997 TUATARA - "Breaking The Ethers" (Epic)*


1997 PROTEIN - "Ever Since I was A Kid" (Hollywood)


1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Flying Traps" (Hollywood)*


1996 MIKE JOHNSON - "Year Of Mondays" (Atlantic)


1996 SCREAMING TREES - "Dust" (Epic)


1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Working Class Hero" (Hollywood)*


1995 SEAWEED - "Spanaway" (Hollywood)


1994 MAD SEASON - "Above" (Columbia)*


1994 MIKE JOHNSON - "Where Am I" (Up)


1993 SKIN YARD - "Inside The Eye" (SST/Cruz)


1992 SCREAMING TREES - "Sweet Oblivion" (Epic)


1991 SKIN YARD - "1000 Smiling Knuckles" (SST/Cruz)


1989 THIN MEN - "A Round Hear" (Ensign)





2006 WOVEN SONGS OF THE AMAZON - Documentary on the Shipibo musical system (Green Spider Films)


2006 AUSANGATE - Documentary on the Quechua weavers of Peru (Kontent Reel)


2003 THE FOG RAVENS - Documentary on New Mexico artists (Fog Raven Productions)


2000 LUSH - Feature film, debuted at 2000 Sundance Film Festival (Lion's Gate)


1999 BEST MEN - Feature film (MGM)


1998 DECEIVER - Feature film (MGM)